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The Entrepreneurist


Our Belief

We believe that underrepresented business leaders have made significant contributions in the United States and have incredible stories to share. We also want to cover the issues affecting underserved business communities across the country. 

Who We Are

We are a digital publication and a network of underrepresented entrepreneurs and business leaders. The Entrepreneursit Project is a division of TorricoMedia.

Why The Entrepreneurist Project Is Important

We understand that many underrepresented business owners might not have the resources or staff to help tell their story. That is why we have created The Entrepreneurist Project. To help tell the stories of underrepresented entrepreneurs and small business owners in underserved communities.  

Why We Need Your Help

As many underrepresented businesses have been struggling during the pandemic, it has never mattered more to support these businesses. That is why supporting The Entrepreneurist is essential. Our mission is to help underrepresented entrepreneurs tell their story to as many people as possible and talk about underserved business communities' issues. 


Our Reach

Facebook: 10K (Through TorricoMedia Platforms)

Instagram: 1.2K (Through TorricoMedia Platforms)

LinkedIn: 5K (Through TorricoMedia Platforms)

Email List: 4K

Monthly Readers: 500

Where Will Your Funds Go To

Your funding powers our ability to reach more underrepresented businesses. The funds raised for this project will go towards online paid media to grow the site, writers, photographers, and equipment to scale this project. 

​If you have any questions about The Entrepreneurist Project, please email me directly at  juan@torricomedia.com.

About Us

We are a digital publication and a network of underrepresented entrepreneurs and business leaders.


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